Thursday, February 9, 2017

One Week of Radishes in Cups

One week into our plants and we see some good growth, and the expensive seeds seem to be doing better than the cheap. We are able to check on the plants every few days, and here are some of the results
Bunch of Radishes
One Radish per cup?
With the other crops we started last month, we have solved - for the time being- the mouse issue and replanted some. The few that were not damaged have been moved to bigger pots.

The Nutrient Film System, or the old hydroponic system is almost ready to go, we bought parts and re-assembled. We are at a point where we are ready to run it for a bit to check for leaks, and then run some cleaner through. We have break at the end of next week, so I do not want to start any plants without us around. So hopefully the 27th or 28th we can start it all up.

Checking the water depth

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