Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Strawberries Grow Forever

This past week was so warm, stores decided to trick people into buying plants too soon. A major retailer had some ever bearing strawberry crowns for sale, so I got them.

The students plopped these into the hydroponic system to see what will happen. Hopefully they will produce strawberries.
in the NFT system
Not doing well, put into the flood and drain system

We took a tomato seedling out of dirt, and plopped it into the system
tomato and lettuce

Tomato roots after a few days

Took a nearly dead poinsettia and put it in too. It died

We think that poinsettia cuttings work real well in the flood and drain system.

The lettuce plugs are sort of hanging around, some growth noted

The seeds from the other day are showing some movement, we think.

J transplanted some melons into larger containers.
The flood and drain tomato has blossoms
Future tomatos

I am learning along with the students, so mistakes are being made, but that is part of learning.

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