Thursday, April 6, 2017

A Month Later

Generally in pictures:
Starting where we left off, with strawberries
Seven of the ten survived. growing well, new sprouts starting.

Then the NFT system
The other day, a student said he was hungry. we went out to the greenhouse and made him a small salad.
The long view
Either cucumber, watermelon or cucumber. Things were not always labeled.
But this is a cucumber
Rosemary poking itself up
After we got rid of the mice, we were attacked by a groundhog.
It was producing bell peppers.

He likes peppers

We have many starts started,
starting some herbs
Peppers and tomatoes

Outside, with the hard work of students and staff, some raised beds have been prepared for planting.

Planting will take place when we return from our one week vacation.

We took some plants out of the drain and fill system, either to root in soil such as the pointsettias, or the roots were choking some things out, like the tomato and snapdragon

tomato, now in dirt

snapdragon ,started from a stick

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