Tuesday, January 10, 2017

And So It Begins

Greenhouse Day One.

Today I brought my class of four out to the greenhouse. It was not our first time out there, but we really got some things done. We have gone out to look around and see the place, and we started some cuttings, but now we are serious! Seriously.
Long view of the greenhouse

Yesterday each student chose a packet of seeds, they did some research on planting and growing.
T picked out watermelon, and during his research decided to make some square watermelons.
S decided to grow tomatoes, H picked sunflowers, R is growing basil, and E cantaloupe.Yes, this is five students, but one is in another class. S did not stop there, the student found other seeds and started them. S has about 20 pots started.

Each student was to start 10 plants and take some data, so each was issued a notebook to record what they are doing and their results. Spent some time afterward going over their journal and any expectations.

One of our plans is to sell starter plants this spring, the data they will collect will help us decide when to start the starters.

If you notice, the photo below has a poinsettia, we hope to learn how to propagate these plants and sell them for next year.

our plantings
So we will check back in a few days and see what has happened.

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