Tuesday, January 17, 2017

We Have Sprouts

After a week, some seeds have sprouted.

Many basil plants have started, so much for 2-3 seeds per pot.

The sunflowers have popped up, but waiting for H to observe the plants.

The watermelon has not come up, we feared a mouse came through, but T dug into one of the pots and saw a germinating seed.

E's cantaloupe has a couple of sprouts, but it was started a day later than the others.

As for S's plot of many plants....
S's many plantings

We have had a couple more poinsettias donated. These seem to be rotten from freezing, but we will let them try to rehabilitate. Right now our inventory is 8 plants, with three cuttings in various stages. In about a month we will cut all of them back and try to propagate from the cuttings.

The drip system works, now to get permission to use it, we are starting to get a good number of spider plants, and I would like to put them in hanging baskets
A couple of seeds are working in the aquaponics bed too



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